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Weekly Volunteer Schedule (click on link to view)

June 30 - October 27, 2019 (updated 6/10/2019)



Interested in Serving?

God has given us each gifts for the building up of the church (Romans 12:6-8).  Please consider this opportunity to serve the Lord here at GSPC and sign up for a ministry.  If you are currently on a ministry committee and want to remain on that committee, please still sign up for that committee again.  If you are interested in changing to a new committee, now is the time to do that.  




Please complete and submit one form for each member of your family.

  • Committee Sign-Ups

  • Worship-Related Volunteer Sign-Ups

    Please sign up to serve the church.  If you are already serving in any of the following, please still sign up to show that you will continue to serve. 

  • Service-Related Volunteer Sign-Ups

    Please note:  You are not committing yourself.  You are indicating that you are willing to be called if there is a need.  You can always say, “No.”

  • Ways I Would Appreciate Receiving Help